Equi Yoga, misc


Till the day of his death Cisco gave everything he had. Even while wasting away he would still give himself unconditionally. That was his act of love towards me. At moments there would be an unfathomable sadness in him. He would withdraw into himself, aloof and far away, as if he was absorbing all our human folly, past and present. At those moments all I could do was to be with him, to silently put my arms around his neck and pour all my love out to him, asking him to forgive the infinite superficiality, cruelty and callousness of the human race.
It has been my privilege to be with Cisco for twelve years. He taught me that to love and be loved is a privilege, that it is not something to be taken for granted. Without it, any relationship, either between humans or between us and our horses, is meaningless. Without unconditional love, life is a market place, where one item is bartered for another. It is a cynical commodity.
Love cannot be bartered. It cannot be bought. It cannot be asked. It cannot be forced. It cannot be stolen. Cisco taught me that to love is to be together, in every sense of the word, in good moments and in bad ones, for good and for bad. That both to give and to receive unconditional love is an act of divine grace, of Pegasus flying.