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Dona practising Yoga in the snow

Centered Yoga

What is ‘Centered yoga’? Centered yoga is the search for balance between the two polarities of the human being, the outgoing, extrovert, active side and the ingoing, introvert, receptive side, in which there is no ‘leakage’ of energy, and no holding back. It is the understanding and application of the old yin-yang symbol, where the […]

Dona practising Yoga with Iyengar

Iyengar and Dona

Dona met B.K.S Iyengar in August 1964 while attending the annual Jiddu Krishnamurti Gatherings in Gstaad, Switzerland. She had known Jiddu Krishnamurti already since 1960, and was also practicing yoga since a couple of years. While in Gstaad she heard that Iyengar taught both Krishnamurti and Vanda Scaravelli at chalet Tannegg, which Vanda Scaravelli rented […]


Till the day of his death Cisco gave everything he had. Even while wasting away he would still give himself unconditionally. That was his act of love towards me. At moments there would be an unfathomable sadness in him. He would withdraw into himself, aloof and far away, as if he was absorbing all our […]


Lessons from an old horse

I own a small property in a village on a lake in Northern Italy. When I was sixty years old I bought a fourteen year old gelding, semi abandoned. I had been riding since childhood, but had never actually owned a horse, so I was a complete greenhorn as far as husbandry was concerned. I […]