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Equi Yoga

Introduction to EquiYoga Very few people realize that our world is entirely based on the presence of the horse next to us. Until six thousand years ago human beings were confined to their villages, and to the ones within walking distance. Horses were hunted for meat. Then something amazing happened that changed the world forever. […]


Till the day of his death Cisco gave everything he had. Even while wasting away he would still give himself unconditionally. That was his act of love towards me. At moments there would be an unfathomable sadness in him. He would withdraw into himself, aloof and far away, as if he was absorbing all our […]


Lessons from an old horse

I own a small property in a village on a lake in Northern Italy. When I was sixty years old I bought a fourteen year old gelding, semi abandoned. I had been riding since childhood, but had never actually owned a horse, so I was a complete greenhorn as far as husbandry was concerned. I […]